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Wknrc Fm Radio History


WKNRC Radio loosely based on knrc 1150 which closed Tuesday
July 27 2004


WKNRC Radio was only broadcasting on the e4 chat program

In a public chat room on there it’s format was news ,talk & music


The reason Ed named it loosely named it after the knrc 1150 am 

 was  Because it was a real Am station that closed, it was a talk

radio station  that he really loved  and enjoyed. so to remember it  he wanted honor  it he added a w a called it wknrc radio


2005 e4 chat program started to lose it's online members do to paltalk

having  more features &  rooms stated closing and in October 2005

there was only abut 12 active users on program so we closed wknrc

on Oct 5 2005

wknrc radio reopened in  2008 exat date unknown


A  rivalry stated between two dj’s on howlingwolf fm involving dj-jay [the co owner}  and dj mat jay told Me to get rid of mat or he would quit the station . now Ed Carr liked booth dj’s a lot so Ed Carr reopened wknrc to separate the 2 of them  it’s format is music from the50’s to today’s  music


the wknrc radio war

after giving mat another chance he stabbed Ed Carr in the back by leaving and creating a copy cat station and running a cloned site to wknrc so for all most a year there was two wknrc radio stations on the internet


in 2009  wknrc merged in to howlingwolf fm till July 26 2010

July 26 2010 wknrc  fm radio left being merged and want back to being a

separate station  it’ format is now a

gospel music and church services around the world station 

august 2014 wknrc was closed but  reserve the rights to reopen it at any time

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