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Howlingwolf am


howlingwolf am was started in the late fall of 2007 because a owner of

a chat room on paltalk wanted his karaoke room on the air


"note ,A room  where  people think they can sing but they can’t lol"


Also at the time room had another station in their with word [fm} in its name And they protested to the rooms owner and said if a another fm station comes in here we are leaving the room


So we started howlingwolf am so we could broadcast the room.

We were told that the room would support the station and get lots of

Listeners  but that was a big waste off time and effort


So in January of 2008 we changed the format to a music and news channel


February of 2009 it was closed because we could not afford to rent 2

shoutcast severs


NOTE, for the recorded when Ed Carr closed it he made a YouTube video Stating that we reserve the right to reopen it and if he caught anyone stealing the name it would reopen Immediately and the war would be on


The howlingwolf am radio war


In March of 2009  the owner of a rival station and former partner of Ed Carr decided to start a copy cat to howlingwolf am and we know he did it just to piss off Ed Carr


So the original howlingwolf am opened Immediately to defend our name in March of 2009  

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