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Ed carr stated  howlingwolf fm after getting fired by a another internet station called wolfcreek radio.

it’s format is music from the 50’s to today’s music


Now Ed Carr got accused of copying wolfcreek  because of both stations having the word  (WOLF ) in the stations name but that was not the case



Ed Carr called it howlingwolf fm because he is part native American

and his native amercan name 


Also some propel think it’s called howlingwolf fm after the blues musician Howling Wolf


“We are now stating for the record that howlingwolf fm & am has not or ever Been a copy cat of wolfcreeck radio or is named After the blues musician “[Ed Carr’s statement }


Note, the fm part of the name was only used because Ed Carr would like to get the station on the air on the real fm radio band someday   

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