It all happened on December 8 2010 I woke up that morning with extreme pain on my right side  so I went to the hospital thinking my pain was being caused by my appendix


The ER doctor came in and he thought it was my a appendix also and called a surgeon in to do a appendix operation before they knocked me out the doctor asked me if I was ok

I remember saying to him I hope you don’t find something really wrong in there


He replied  with what do you mean I told him I herd of people going in for small operations and then they found out  they had something really wrong like cancer


The ER doctor &  OR doctor  and my mom said don’t worry abut stuff like that you will be fine , I then asked doctor how long will the operation take he said about an hour


And they knocked me out



The next thing I remember was waking up in the recovery room and seeing my mom crying I  all so noticed the clock on the wall saying 8:30 pm I know I went in to the OR  at 4 30 pm also  thinking in my head “4 HOURS THEY FOUND SOMETHING”


So my first words to my mom after the operation they found cancer didn’t they?


She replied yes, you have cancer in you intestines and it was causing a blockage in there

And that’s where the pain was coming from it had nothing to do with your appendix


I spent 8 days in the hospital


After I got out they sent me to a cancer doctor who sent me for more tests


The results doctor said to me you need more surgery there’s more in intestines it’s all so in your liver


So I was referred to a anther cancer doctor  who is in Portland Maine


February 11 2010  I went in to the or again the surgery lasted 7 hours  they removed several feet of large and small  intestines and removed 22 tumors off my liver I was in the hospital for 4 weeks


November 15 2010 the cancer doctor had me take some more tests to see what the status of my cancer was 


December 2010

i still have cancer and alleyways will  but it is stable

November 2011

after having my annual test done it came back on test results that there another tumor in my liver

the type of cancer i have is called Carcinoid cancer for more info on this type see the link below

also because  of my cancer i have to wear diapers 24/7